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Spring Break Destination Negril

Negril offers the relaxing Spring Break with an amazing outdoor party environment that is unmatched and simply captivating. Go cliff diving, catch the sunset, or just relax on the 7 mile stretch of white sandy beach as Negril distinguishes itself as your vacation dream spot.

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Spring Break Negril Hotels

Negril offers a wide selection of hotels. The following table will provide you with a quick reference to which hotels make a good choice for your Spring Break vacation. Please note that when planning your trip to Negril, your hotel will be your home for 7 days. By spending a little more money on your hotel, you will save money in convenience and have a much better vacation experience.

Choosing Your Hotel
When choosing your hotel determine your priorities (price, location, hotel quality, hotel amenities) and pick your hotel accordingly. If your priorities are price and location we recommend the Negril Marina Club, Condominiums Girasol, Caris y Palma, or Salvia Condominiums. These hotels provide basic accommodations but put you in the middle of the action. For a little bit more money (and well worth it) we recommend the Gran Costa Real, Oasis Beach or Mirimar Mision. These hotels are larger and provide a much better vacation experience. The Negril Oasis by far provides the best Spring Break scene with over 600 rooms of Spring Breakers in the half of the hotel dedicated to Spring Break. This year the Oasis Negril is 100% all-inclusive. This should add to the fun with over 10 bars and restautants available throughout the day. Note however, that the Oasis does not gaurantee quad bedding and the rooms are a little small for 4 people. The following hotels welcome spring breakers and if you have the money provide all of the ammenities you would expect with a resort hotel; NH Krystal, Presidente, Sheraton and Gran Caribe Real.

Meal Plans vs All-inclusive
Many spring break tour operators offer free or discounted meal plans. Do not confuse this with an all-inclusive package. While the meal plans do provide a value, the meals are usually restricted to certain restaurants. This means you may spend more money traveling to the restaurant than you would spend on the meal at or near your hotel. All-inclusive plans include all meals at restaurants located in your hotel, drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), landsports, watersports and in some cases nightly entertainment.

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